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The McCormick Brothers: Guestbook

val fitchie

March 9, 2013

banjo twist beats the living hell out of Scruggs!!!CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR MORE.They were CRIMINALLY NEGLECTED

Glenn Spain

January 23, 2013

Ran into Gerald at a taping of the Marty Stuart show yesterday, Jan. 22, 2013. What a happenstance.
Love traditional country & bluegrass music.

Phil Levy

October 15, 2012

love your music

Faye "TROUT" Reid

July 28, 2012

My Dad CLYDE TROUTT grew up with you all in Westmoreland, Tn. Lloyd lived down the rode on Dutch Ck. from my first cousin, Barbara Rippy. Realy enjoy your music!

Christine Cato

June 6, 2012

Great Bluegrass, then and NOW! Enjoyed jamming with Jason at Authenic Coffee recently... And with William a few months ago at KOA jam in Bowling Green. Loved the singing and their playing!

Marty Mc Cormack

May 3, 2012

This music brings me back to my childhood listening to my father fiddling away playing Irish tunes which sound a lot like your Bluegrass it tells a stoy. Beautiful!

Travis Sizemore

April 18, 2012

You boys play some good hard drivin bluegrass. Keep up the good work. Travis from Montana

Robert Gateley

February 22, 2012

This is a great website for such a great band and some of the most wonderful, talented guys in the world. The McCormick Brothers are, and always have been, true entertainers in every sense of the word. They deserve much more recognition then they have ever gotten.

C James

February 19, 2012

Great banjo picking. I've been a fan since the 50's. I still have the recording of Haskel's 5 string on 45 rpm. Would you describe the banjo that you play?

Kathy Smith Gammill

January 31, 2012

As long as I can remember I've known the McCormicks.. raised with them all my life.. my parents (Tom & Lulu Smith) were good close friends with them from way back in the 50s and they are awesome wonderful christian people.. fantastic musicians and singers.. ANYTIME ya get a chance to be with them.. GO you WONT be sorry you did.. I PROMISE ya that..


January 28, 2012

i sang with the orginal band in 1955 with husband BILLY MITCHELL.these events took place on thrusday nites @ the VFW HALL in SCOTTSVILLE,KY.i'm living back in PORTLAND,TN. and will look forward to seeing the new band perform. sounds great as usual.

shorty manis

January 21, 2012


Brenda Borders Johnson

January 15, 2012

Enjoyed visiting your site.Reading the history of the McCormick Bros.was very interesting.Thanks for the music!

Christopher Hawkins

January 4, 2012

Bumped into ya'll while searching i-Tunes. I am proud to say I am now a fan!!! Ya'll are a refreshing change to all the tech-no stuff and just love the bass fiddle!!! But being a banjo picker, I gotta tip my hat to Haskel I believe, sweet picking !!!

Kevin province

December 12, 2011

Caught you at Rosine again this year. Great sets on both stages. Pure music.

susan gross jones

November 29, 2011

Would love to hear you all sing sometime. I live in Myrtle Beach SC an they just had a bluegrass festival here over the Thanksgiving weekend. I heard it was awesome. Maybe sometime you all can come down and check it out

Nancy Duvall

October 19, 2011

Great performance at Jerusalem Ridge! Jason, you have one of the best voices in bluegrass, and your style is way too cool! I took lots of great pictures - would love to send them to you! Hope to see y'all again next year!

ernest green

October 8, 2011

xI finally found you all! I grew up with traditional bluegrass and I have several 45's of The Mc Cormick brothers from the mid 50's. Some superb sounds! These 45's I have are in mint condition as I take care of all my recordings. Have probably a thousand I have collected since I was in high school in the early-mid 50's. Thanks for listening! Ernest Green in Irving, Texas.

Bob & Sandra Matthews

October 2, 2011

Just wanted to let you know we really enjoyed you all at Jerusalem Ridge. It was a freat festival!

Bernice "Troutt" Flippin

July 16, 2011

So glad I find your site! I'm Carl Troutt's daughter.Love your music! Thanks! Bernice

Hillous And Ethel Tuttle

June 1, 2011

We miss Lloyd so much still. We talked to him on the phone about every day, and went places toogether...and he visited us, and us him. We both loved him.

gary smith

May 29, 2011

the man that lives next door to me says that he knows all of you. he is willie fuller. please take the time to write me because i am turning people on to your music with people that love bluegrass.

Frank Swiech

May 14, 2011

Love the Music , would like to hear the McCormicks live ...great harmonies !!!! from one Westmorelander to a family of others !! Keep up the Great Work !!!


May 8, 2011


janice burgess

April 27, 2011

we could sure use your support in our efforts in keeping traditional Bluegrass "LIVE" around here @ the Pik-N-Barn in CROSSVILLE TN.How 'bout dropping me/janice a e/mail Gerald {since you seem to be the computer author?????Thanks

Debbie Lynn Flack-Martin

April 13, 2011

I saw ya'lls name, 1st time in a long time on a friend of mines post showing a bunch of old pics on FB. You guys stopped off @ his daddy's truck stop a long time ago (Bob & Lees out on Hwy. 42 in LaGrange, Kentucky). So COOL to hear you're music; my mom & daddy listened to it as well. Thank You!!

Marco from Germany

February 1, 2011


I met Jason today in the Bluegrassmix Chat and he told me about your page.
I like your Music very well.Sorry about my bad English.Great Music great Picking and fiddeling.Go for it !!

Greetings from Germany


Bryce Ohneck

December 13, 2010

I'm not quite an ole' timer and I'm not a long time player so unfortunately my ears had not perked up about your music until a couple of months ago. I was taken aback when I heard Haskell play "Banjo Fling" on SIRIUS radio. I've since ordered (Amazon) about 6 (including duplicates) of your CD's. Had I known of your website I would have ordered from you. Haskell is my hero now - Earl can go home. I appreciate that Haskell plays straight ahead, driving, aggressive, confident, with an attitude, clean, and loud (I like loud). I'd really like to know some info about his banjer and setup preferences.I would like to be contacted about this and my email address added to your list - and invited to your Summer BBQ. ....I'm going now to get my "MOM" tattoo changed out with "Haskell". Great stuff guys. Bryce from Western Canada.

Geoff Morris

November 12, 2010

I am trying to reach Mr. Butts I think his name is please? He very kindly sent me the new "Somewhere In Time" McCormicks album which duly arrived here in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, today. As expected, it is a marvellous album and I will be playing two tracks from it on the show this Friday evening your local Eastern time. Sincere thanks for sending out this wonderful album; I shall treasure it as I knew I would and of course feature it frequently on the show from now on.
Geoff Morris
Monday nights from eight
Friday evenings from six
E. S. T.

Joe Quealy

November 4, 2010

Hi Buddy,

I am the advisor to the talent selection committee for Bluegrass Music Society of the Central Coast. The BMSCC puts on the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival Every year on Mother's Day Weekend. Next year will be the thirteenth.

Please forward a promo back on the band to me. I do not do Electronic Press Kits. I also do radio shows so send me all the CD projects the band has done (assuming that's not some ridicules number of CDs). I frequently give some airplay to groups that send me CDs

Thanks for your interest in our festival.

Joe Quealy
Santa Maria

Wilson Moore

November 4, 2010

Hello Buddy:

Thanks for letting us know about the new release. Haskel McCormick has a great banjo style, and Mike Cleveland's fiddle work is outstanding. Wilson Moore, CHMA-FM "Bluegrass Jam", Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada


October 29, 2010

Hi there! If you have any more CDs available, we’d like a copy for KAOS in Olympia! We’re a freeform station, so it’s up to DJs to decide what they would like to play on their shows, but we make all of the albums we receive available for folks to preview and play as they choose. :) There are quite a few folks here who play bluegrass. If you would like to send a CD, our mailing address is below. Thanks!


KAOS Music Department

Ron Raymond

October 29, 2010

Please send a copy of the CD to our Folk/Bluegrass Director, Chris Darling, at the address below. Thanks very much!

Ron Raymond, Jr.
Music Director, WMPG-FM
University of Southern Maine

Charlie Hall

October 29, 2010

Hi Their,

I'm really excited about the new McCormick Brothers CD and I'd love to have a hard copy for my radio shows.

Charlie Hall

"The Bluegrass Express"
on line @

Hans Wolters

October 29, 2010

My name is Hans Wolters and I'm a DJ for worldwide Bluegrass. I've been a McCormick Brothers fan since I was 14 years old and I would love to have a cd to play on my radio show (thursdays from 12 till 2pm).

I play the banjo myself for the last 30 years and travel each year once or twice to Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia to pick and sing. Maybe there is a chance we can meet next year in June...??

Please drop me a line and let me know how to obtain a cd and maybe we can meet in June 2011.

Best regards, Hans Wolters, WorldWide Bluegrass

Col Tom

October 29, 2010

As you know from listening to my shows I play all the atrists music that I get I plug them in between the masters (ie. top 30 songs and former top numbers). Glad to have your music...put me on your mailing list for future cd's from you guys. I spent a week at ibma getting new music and have uploaded several new artists to the mix library with more to go. If you send a cd to any dj include a separate page with writers info also so they can get credit.

col tom

Geoff Morris

October 29, 2010

I would be tremendously thrilled to receive this c.d. please? I host two shows per week on from our home in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. For some years now I have had the joy of having in my collection "The Very Best Of The McCormick Brothers", a beautiful ld collection, from which I play on the show quite often. Thus this new album would likewise be a treasure. I thus sincerely hope that you may be able to send out the c.d. when you can please?

Geoff Morris
Monday nights from eight
Friday evenings from six
E. D. T.

Chris Gowin

October 29, 2010

We play the McCormick's every day on our daily show from 3 to 6pm with Mel Payne. However, I will ask Mel to turn up the heat and give it some more rotation. Anything I can do for Gerald, Haskel, or William please just ask.


Christopher Gowin
Station Manager

Frank Hoppe

October 29, 2010


I have a radio show on KCSN (88.5 fm) which serves the Los Angeles market (streaming at called Bluegrass, Etc. The focus of my show is traditional bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, contemporary old-time, and pre-WWII country. I've been doing the show for almost 18 years and post my playlists to the FOLKDJ-L and BGRASS-L mail lists. Please let me know if you would like to receive playlists directly from me via e-mail. I'd be happy to do it.

I would love to get an airplay copy of Somewhere in Time, if you're doing any of that. Please contact me if you need more information. Thank you for the music.

Phil Hodgen

October 29, 2010

I am honored to be a host of Oregon's premier bluegrass program, "Music From the True Vine," the longest running bluegrass show west of the Mississippi, broadcast live 9 a.m. - noon Saturdays on KBOO 90.7 FM in Portland, 91.9 FM in Hood River and 100.7 in Corvallis..
I'd like to feature the McCormick Brothers' project "Somewhere in Time" on an upcoming show.

"Music From The True Vine"

Gordon Steeves

October 29, 2010

Hi guys, great tunes :o) I have a show on every Friday night, 9pm eastern till midnight, I got to get this CD :o) anyhow thanks for your endeavors into the wonderful genre of bluegrass music, looking forward to playing your tunes.

Tom USMC Vet

October 29, 2010

Got home from fishing this afternoon and my new CD was in the mail box waiting for me,so I put her in the ole player,sat back and totally enjoyed it.What a great job Mr. Producer it is as you said a great work of art from those musicians.Now the question is how can we get them back together to do an encore preformance real soooooooon ????? Well again thanks a million Buddy for all your time and help on this project for me,I appreciate it and I will truly enjoy yours and theirs work every time I listen to it.Well I got to git them fish cleaned,and you have a great day and keep me informed on any new things their going to do.